About Us

About Green World Paints

Green World Paints aims to be one of the world's most successful distributors of domestic, international and own-brand paints. We owe our success to our strong commitment to customer focus and environmental issues and of course the extensive experience of our founders, who have collectively amassed more than 100 years of experience in the paint and architectural coating industry.

We provide architectural coatings of all kinds, including:

  • Genuine Green World Paint and Paint Accessories
  • Other High Quality National and Global Paint Brands
  • Waterproofing Products
  • Wall Papers and Wall Coverings
  • Wood Finishes and Varnishes
  • Specialised Interior and Exterior Finishes and Textures of Many Other Kinds

Our Environmental Values

We believe that it is of primary importance to help our customers and all the people of the world improve the health and fitness of their bodies and minds alike. That goal would be impossible without acting to conserve the environment and to heal the damage industry has already done. For that reason, we work constantly to reduce the environmental impact of our own manufacturing facilities, and to comply in all ways with government standards and the best practices of green industry alike.

And while we aren't perfect, we will never lose heart or cease our efforts to achieve true sustainability for our own factories and for the industry as a whole. Our efforts include using water-based paints, making wall coverings from FSCĀ® accredited paper suppliers, reducing our energy use and carbon footprint, using greener packaging and distribution methods, and urging our employees and partners to consider the environmental impact of everything they do.

Our Business Values

We understand the importance of delivering quality and value to our customers in everything we do. That is why we comb the world for the finest brands of paint and other architectural coatings, and strive to produce the finest (and most ecologically friendly) paints and finishes in the world. Better still, we leverage our position in countries across the globe to reduce the cost of our products to our customers.

We offer our partners and suppliers access to our huge international distribution system and a large customer base that knows Green World Paints would never offer anything but the highest quality and most responsibly sourced products.

Why You Should Use Green World Paints

Our success is founded upon the loyalty of our customers. We encourage this loyalty by providing them:

  • Nationally and globally recognised brands at affordable prices
  • One-stop shopping for all your paint and architectural coating needs
  • Direct and immediate customer service through live chat
  • Our national distribution system, which guaranteed the delivery of all orders within two days, and can even supply many orders at the last minute.

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